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Date: 15th October 2016
HCR Series Cross Cylindrical Roller Bearing
HGCRBH crossed roller bearing series?Integrated Inner/Outer Ring type?, ?this model is a compact type of model RU with extremely thin outer and inner rings without mounting holes are provided, the model require a presser flange or housing. In addition, because it has an integrated inner/outer ring structure and is equipped with washers, its performance is minimally affected by the mounting procedure, ensuring stable rotation accuracy and torque. This model can be used for both inner-ring rotation and outer-ring rotation and the requirement of miniaturized dimension.Shaft diameter (mm)Identification numberMain dimensionsMounting dimensions (mm)Basic dynamic load ratingBasic static load ratingweight(mm)inner ring douter diameter Dwidth BChamfer r(min)daDaCCo(Kg)?KN?(KN)50HCRBH 5013 AHCRBH 5013 A UU5080130.6567417.320.90.2960HCRBH 6013 AHCRBH 6013 A UU6090130.6668418.824.30.3370HCRBH 7013 AHCRBH 7013 A UU70100130.6769420.127.70.3880HCRBH 8016 AHCRBH 8016 A UU80120160.68811232.143.40.7490HCRBH 9016 AHCRBH 9016 A UU90130160.69812233.146.80.81100HCRBH 10020 AHCRBH 10020 A UU100150200.611014050.972.21.45110HCRBH 11020 AHCRBH 11020 A UU110160200.612015052.477.41.56120HGCRBH 12025 AHCRBH 12025 A UU12018025113216873.41082.62130HCRBH 13025 AHCRBH 13025 A UU13019025114217875.91152.82140HCRBH 14025 AHCRBH 14025 A UU14020025115218881.91302.96150HCRBH 15025 AHGCRBH 15025 A UU15021025116219884.31383.16200HCRBH 20025 AHCRBH 20025 A UU20026025121224892.31694250HCRBH 25025 AHCRBH 25025 A UU250310251.52622981022074.97